A message from one of our parents

Date: 29th Dec 2016 @ 8:08pm

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Mrs Edwards

One of our parents sent this message after Ron and Sue’s first visit into school.


My youngest came home from school yesterday inspired by the work done by the founders of this charity (Ron and Sue from St Helens).  They did a presentation of the work they had done so far and how it helps.  The school is now going to spend the next year working on charitable events and donate all monies to this amazing charity.

He asked me what we could do to help so I thought to use social media or provide him with stamps so he can write to lots of businesses asking for help.  I am aware times are tough over here but when I see what can be achieved by dedicated people with such a small amount of money it has inspired me to do what I can also.  Please help if you can and even if you can’t then please share this site in the hope that it inspires others.

PAY IT FORWARD it is extremely rewarding…..

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