Arts week

Date: 13th Jan 2019 @ 4:24pm

What a wonderful week we had in year 3! A week filled with arts, performances, music and some team building! 

To start off, we listened to a story Only One You by Linda Kranz, a story about a little fish who's learning about what's important in life and that there's only one of each of us, our journey through life is unique and we should find our own way and not follow the crowd.

This idea has translated itself into an art installation of floating fish with every child in the school decorating their own fish. We cannot wait to see the result once it has all come together!

The afternoons this week were dedicated to a study of an inspiring, Liverpool-based artist Jessica Arrowsmith Stanley, whose murals of buildings were an inspiration for our own artwork, focused on buildings in Widnes. Make sure you have a good look at them in the gallery!

However, arts is not just about fine art, which we found out during visit from Cronton poet Paul Delaney. His hilarious poems made us giggle in a special assembly, and in addition, we got to hear his wonderful piano playing skills before and after assembly. The children were so inspired by such a talent, realising that they could achieve anything they want in their lives if they work hard enough for it.

To finish this wonderful week, our lovely Friends of Cronton organised a panto for the children. Needles to say, both the children and the staff got involved trying to help Buttons and Cinderella and the afternoon ended  with laughter.

Just before the weekend came, we talked in the class about different ways of "recharging the batteries"  when we're feeling down, lonely or not good at anything. The children loved the idea of writing little anonymous pick-me-ups to each other on a piece of card, which they then got to take home and use when they need to cheer up. I have to say, I have never seen bigger smiles than when the children got their piece of card back and read some of the lovely messages their classmates left them. Fantastic team building work year 3, now we are definitely ready and well-equipped for the new year 2019!

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