Google expeditions

Date: 26th Feb 2017 @ 11:32am

On Friday, 24th February, we had a visitor in school, Mr Paul Mooney, from Google Expeditions.  With the equipment he brought the children were able to go on virtual expeditions. We had an amazing morning!  After a short briefing for the staff, Year 6 and Year 5 were first to go on their trips. Year 6 visited the rainforest in Borneo and then did a quick tour of the trenches during World War I.  Year 5 set off on a tour of the Solar System, followed by a visit to Mars to check out the work of some robots.

Year 4 and 3 were next. Year 4 went to the Base Camp on Mount Everest and then started their accent. Year 3 dipped into the Great Barrier Reef. They were keen to dive with sharks. It was so real, one of the children nearly fell off his chair when he looked up and saw a shark swimming over him. 

Year 2 had a trip around Buckingham Palace and Year 1 went under the sea.  Both classes finished with a trip to Lapland  

it really was a magical morning, with lots of oohs and aahs!  Google provide the experience free of charge to schools who apply and are lucky enough to be chosen so a great big THANK YOU to them  

Fingers crossed we will be able to get this technology in school in the future.  Google Expeditions is a free app that you can download onto your own phones and iPads  The goggles can be made or bought quite cheaply.  For health and safety reasons, don't use the goggles for too long and they shouldn't be used by under sevens.  

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Sophie B wrote:

I had such an amazing time on our Google expedition; I'd love to do it again some time!

Summer B wrote:

That was such a great experience about the Rainforest ; I wish we could do it again some other time πŸ€—

Oliver V wrote:

It was very fascinating and thrilling

Jack B wrote:

That was the best.

Ciara M wrote:

This was so cool πŸ‘

Thomas B wrote:

It was awesome

Grace D wrote:

I really enjoyed Google expeditions;it was a really fun lesson

Isabelle N wrote:

Wow.This was so amazing really enjoyed it,thank you Mrs Edwards.

Jessica M wrote:

Thank you Mrs Edwards for organising the Google exbidition it was a really fun day. We all apriciat your effort and help.

Edward G wrote:

So cool.πŸ‘πŸ‘

Edgar L wrote:

It was amazing; I have the app.

Sophie T wrote:

It made me dizzy!!

Libby W wrote:

I really enjoyed the Google expedition.It was very fun!

Liberty J wrote:

It was a very fun day ; I really enjoyed it and would do it again because it's nice to see places you've never visited before !

Jessica S wrote:

I really enjoyed the Google expedition.

Camilla F wrote:

I thought that this was so fun and I felt like I was about to fall into the swimming pool it was amazing. 😊

Imogen E wrote:

Oh wow! I love that so much. It was so exiting and interesting! It really made me think about our environment and how to look after it. I hope we do something like this again!!

Isabel M wrote:

I thought it was amazing! Thanks Paul and Mrs Edwards 😜🐬

Lucy M wrote:

I really enjoyed going to the rainforest to see deforestation turned into hotels . Also we went to New York and saw all of the land marks such as :the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Central Park

Edward G wrote:

So cool

Christopher C wrote:

That was really fun

Liberty J wrote:

I have VR goggles at home and they're really fun even with other VR games ; VTIME is a really good one for travelling to places to!

Finley G wrote:

That google VR headset was an amazing experience!

Daniel CAMMISH wrote:

I liked it when we went to mount everest

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