January investigations and Mental Health Week

Date: 10th Feb 2019 @ 12:46pm

Wow! We cannot believe how quickly has this half term gone! Probably because the days are shorter and we don't get as much light. 

This served as a great starting point for our learning about light in Physics. Using torches, we carried out tests to explore the link between an object's shadow and the distance of the object and  the light source. The children engaged in scientific discussions about light sources, further building upon their previous knowledge from Year 2 and developing their understanding of the Sun's role in our lives and the negative effects it can have. 

This week, we joined in with the rest of the UK and focused on mental health. On Tuesday, we discussed our safety on the Internet and the impact it can have on both our physical and mental health. 

Friday afternoon was dedicated to a story The Heart in A bottle about a girl who didn't know what to do with her big emotions so she put her heart away in a bottle and kept it carrying around her neck everywhere she went. The heart however got heavier and heavier and she somehow forgot how to even get it out! 

The children then created their own  rainbows I Am a Wonderful Person, self reflecting and realising what is special about them and they should be proud of. They took a lot of time and put plenty of effort into decorating these and the parents will be able to have a look at them during the parents evening ☺️.

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