Movie Competition

Date: 6th Mar 2018 @ 4:43pm

In Year 4 we are going to take part in a competition to make a movie.  We will learn about copyright next time.  Mr Jones, our keyboard teacher, absolutely amazed us by telling us about how he used to write music for orchestras and movies.  He wowed us completely by creating music to go with a movie clip of Harry Potter and Ron in the spider scene.  Thank you so much; it was truly awesome!

The children then went on to have a little practise of making a short clip, thinking about the angle of the camera, the background noise, the best lighting, when to do close ups etc.  Next time, we will start planning our competition entry.  Mr Jones is going to help us with the music so our finished work will be amazing.

I really enjoyed this afternoon Mr Jones, and Y4.  Well done.



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