Puppet obsession

Date: 31st Mar 2019 @ 9:10pm

Last week has been one of those long, heavy weeks; test after test to identify the children's strengths and possible gaps in their learning that need addressing, beautiful spring weather that just makes everyone want to forget about the tests and just be outside in the sun and all the flowers in bloom! Senses overload! 

Given all of this, I wanted to share with you another fantastic learning the children have done. Every time I set a new challenge, they all rise up to it and show the world how it is done! Furthermore, think about times when the learning is challenge not only for the pupils but for the teachers as well... 

Yes, sewing. It can be one of the most chaotic, stressful lessons that any teacher can imagine. Are the scissors sharp enough? Do we have enough needles? What if the needles are too sharp?! Will I have to thread 31 needles with a thread that has been licked, cut, licked again and then brought to me?cool  I have been given a friendly advice of not attempting to sew with the whole class at once by a very experienced colleague. So, obviously, I took that as a challenge, and the children did not disappoint me. 

As we are currently learning about the Sadness and Joy of the Easter Story in the Bible, I thought it would be nice to make our puppets as the characters from the Easter story. The children had to first research puppets and the vocabulary linked to sewing; different kinds stitches and materials. Then, they chose a character, designed their puppet and all its parts and cut these out of felt. Having correctly realised that they wouldn't be able to produce detailed puppets with lot of decorations, everyone in Year 3 managed to design a simplified but identifiable puppet of Mary, Angel, Jesus, Pontius Pilate, Peter or one of the soldiers. 

Once the parts of the puppets were ready, the fun bit started with the actual sewing. Both Mrs Kimmins and I were amazed how helpful the children were to each other, the resilience they all shown and in the end skills, when they successfully threaded the needle without much help from us! :) The sewing itself took two afternoons; some of us finished, turned the puppet inside out and realised that instead of a puppet we made a fingerless glove by not sewing through both pieces of felt. That meant starting again if the children wanted, and to my amazement, some of them decided to improve their stitches and tighten them and repeated this process 2-3 times. 

After finishing the sewing, the children made clothes and stuck hair and decorations on and some googly eyes too! We then went outside and took photos of them next to daffodils and the awakening nature since the characters were from the Easter story which is about rebirth and coming back to life. 

We will keep these on display for some time and then the children will take them home. They were so proud of them - and they should be because they worked extremely hard on these! 

Once again, oustanding effort Year 3! I cannot wait for the next project that is waiting for us!

Miss Rogers

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