So much courage!

Date: 17th Mar 2019 @ 8:34pm



This week has gone by so quickly! 

It was full of investigations, fun and excitement!

In Maths, we have continued our learning about measurements, converting units of measurement (cm to mm, cm to m etc.) and this week we will be moving onto measuring perimeter, so if you have a minute with your children, feel free to explore your home with a measuring tape! 

Because of our upcoming class worship, our English was all over the place, but we still managed to squeeze in writing of our own adventure for the Gorilla from Anthony Browne's The Gorilla, we looked at Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit in our comprehension lesson and some homophones that we struggled with in our writing (whole x hole, see x sea, right x write); words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meaning. Surprisingly, the children really enjoyed our Grammar lesson and tried to find as many homophones they know as possible! 

Wednesday was the day D. Our class worship! Many thanks to all of you who came along and showed support to your children, the staff and the school too! Despite being super nervous and complaining about 'butterflies in their tummies', the children tackled the class worship head-on and delivered a fantastic performance, with all of them speaking clearly, singing beautifully and even remembering the Makaton signing to go with it!

As a teacher, moments like are exactly what I love about my job - seeing how well the children contributed to the class worship (i let them say their parts in their own words rather than memorising few sentences by heart!), how they rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed and tried to be louder and clearer and how they performed with newly gained confidence, enthusiasm and joy in their little faces. We didn't use microphone, which is something I am very proud of: being able to project their voices and address a large audience with the correct intonation and diction is a life skill! Leading class worship can be terrifying, with so many people looking and listening to every word, and the children didn't let that stop them! I did not have time to see all the parents' reactions, but I believe the children's beautiful rendition of Million Dreams brought tears to many eyes... Thank you for your lovely comments on the parent comment slips. I have read them to the children and they made both them and me smile smiley

Continuing our learning about Easter and why it is both time of Joy and Sadness, we have tried and imagined we could meet Judas, Peter and Pontius Pilate, who all played very important parts in the Easter Story and the Joy of Gospel as we know it. The children wrote questions on post-it notes and then took turns in a 'hot seat', answering them in place of Judas, Peter or Pontius Pilate. As usual, they dived deeper in their understanding and thinking and showed some higher order thinking skills of hypothesizing and justifying. 

Finally, to finish the week off with some practical learning, we have been investigating magnetism and forces. Asking scientific questions and suggesting tests to answer them is an important part of the children's learning in Science and pupils in Year 3 have been amazing at this. We have tested strength of different magnets by seeing how many paperclips they would hold; the children recognized that the credibility of the fair test could be affected by type and size of the paperclips, the way the paperclips were attached to each other and where exactly on the magnet was the first paperclip placed. We will be finishing our learning about magnets this week and moving onto an exciting project, so keep checking our Twitter @crontony3 and our blog! 

Miss Rogers


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