Two of our children take the initiative

Date: 29th Dec 2016 @ 8:53pm

Posted on May 26, 2016 by Mrs Edwards

It is only a few weeks since we were back in Cronton C of E Primary School updating the children on progress at Arise School. We also met with the School Council to discuss fundraising ideas with a view to the children, once again, raising money for ACE, this time to be able to collect rainwater during the rainy season so that they can grow fruit and vegetables for the children’s meals at Arise School.

Two Year 3 boys (7/8 years old), have already taken their very own initiative! Entirely of their own volition, with their parents’ permission, they collected from neighbours and even washed a car to start raising money for the charity.

We were delighted to hear from their Headteacher about the boys’ efforts which raised £22.06. Thank you so much, boys, for leading by example in this way. We are looking forward to meeting you and saying a personal “Thank You” when we are next in school.

Ron and Sue

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