What has our donation achieved so far?

Date: 29th Dec 2016 @ 8:09pm

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Mrs Edwards

Sue and Ron visited us again last week.  They shared our Worship with us and told us about how the money we have already raised has helped to build a kitchen in the school.  The cook can now make porridge for the children more safely.

Here is the presentation they showed us.

Can you see the difference between the old kitchen and the new one?

Ron and Sue told us that the children line up for their breakfast, a piece of bread and a cup of tea, at 6:40am.  Some of the children have walked for two hours already.  They face another two hours walk at the end of the school day.

Ron and Sue also told us that just £20 will pay for a child to have breakfast everyday of the school year for a whole year!  Can anyone remember what else we were told in our Worship?


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