World Book Day

Date: 11th Mar 2019 @ 8:20pm

Our first World Book Day in Juniors is behind us and the children embraced it with all their spirit!

I was amazed by the amazing costumes, efforts to find out the colours of the Czech flag (which is the same colours as Union Jack!) and the enthusiasm with which the children embarked onto their learning journey with a book! 

We learned about a famous Czech story the 12 Months (read on this website) and watched some of it on youtube in the original sound. I was so pleasantly surprised by the children's inquisitive minds, when they asked me to translate to them while watching it in Czech! If you fancy watching it, the whole fairy tale is on here in a child-friendly film with original sound (you might need to ask your child for a translation!:) 

Our Cronton World Book Day was finished with a visit from Douggie Doug Doug, a singer songwriter who writes songs about praising God while he uncovers secrets of some of the wonderful science our world is full of!  The children had an absolute blast and joined in with all the singing, dancing and some of the braver ones even assisted during the science experiments! 

Talking about science - we have just started learning about Magnets and Forces, which we try to squeeze in between our practices for the class Worship on Wednesday 13th March 2019! It is interesting to see how the children put their previous knowledge into context of scientific knowledge and I love the privilege to be a witness to many 'lightbulb' moments! Friction was the first force we looked at and now we have moved onto magnets. See if you can investigate together how and where are magnets being used in your household!

Finally, our class worship is behind the corner! The children have worked extremely hard, practising songs and prayers, perfecting their acting skills and the art of public speaking. It is doing wonders to their confidence so please, make sure you will come and support them this Wednesday from 9.10 am! 

2 more sleeps!

Miss Rogers

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