Blog Rules

So that we all stay safe on our blog, here are some guidelines. 

1. We never use personal information. For example: never use your family name (only your first name), don’t give out your address, telephone number, or password or login details, and never post photos of yourself unless the teacher has given permission.

2. We will always treat the blog like a proper learning environment. In our writing, we will use our ‘posh voice’. We will never use slang or text talk. We will try our best with our spelling, grammar and punctuation.

3. We will be critical friends, but we will never be rude.  We will always write what we thought was good about the writing.  If we make a suggestion on how to improve our work, we will try to be specific so that it helps the person to improve – just the same as we help each other with our Big Write.

4. We will only post our own work, not copy someone else’s and pretend it is our own.

6. We will always be proud of our work, and we will be supportive of each.

7. If people comment on our writing, we will return the favour and comment on theirs.

8.  All posts can only be published via Mrs Edwards or your class teacher.

[Remember all comments need to be approved  before they are published so they won’t appear straight away!]

Parents who leave comments, please could you use your first name only so as not to identify your child.

For example identify yourself as:  “Jane – Jenny’s mum” rather than Jane Smith – Jenny’s mum.”

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